Saturday, August 12, 2017

Holy MIA!

Well, hello there!

Obviously, I have been a little MIA for a while now.  I was in a funk, for sure.  My brown spotting continued, lightly, for most of the past few weeks.  It was a tough pill for me to swallow, honestly.  I wanted so badly for it to stop so that I could feel normal and enjoy my pregnancy.  I wanted so badly to workout again and posting workouts that I couldn't do pushed my mind into a space I didn't like.  So, I took a break.

I had to wait almost 5 weeks for my third ultrasound (7w5d to 12w0d).  Last time, my baby died when it measured around 8 weeks, but I was around 9 weeks (it measured 6 days behind at my first ultrasound).  The fact that I had to wait so long and I knew that my last baby passed during that time was hard.  Add the spotting and I'm sure you can understand my general state of mind.  The only thing that I will say is that despite the constant "what-ifs" that kept plaguing my mind, I did feel much better about this pregnancy overall.  I was much sicker, I felt more tired, and I just felt more positive overall.  Still, the thoughts loomed in the background.

My 12 week appointment was 2 days ago.  12 weeks to the day.  My NT scan.  My first abdominal ultrasound.  I definitely stopped breathing as she searched for the baby and she noticed my fear.  She quickly said, "there's the baby and there's the heartbeat."  I cried.  It was amazing.  Nothing like the indistinguishable blob we saw weeks before.  It has a little nose, mouth, hands, and feet.  She wiggled my belly to make it turn the way she needed it to and we watched the little feet kick.  It was incredible.  I never thought I'd get here.

We will get the final results of the blood test next week, but the initial ultrasound looked good and we are super thankful.  I plan on getting back into my workouts next week when I reach the second trimester.  They will definitely be a far cry from my old workouts, but as long as I am moving again, I'll be a happy girl!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Well, today was the big day! Viability scan #2! I am 7 weeks, 5 days. Baby measured 7 weeks, 1 day with a heartbeat of 159! One thing my husband and I both noticed right away was how much bigger the gestational sac is this time. Compared to my first pregnancy, it's a world of difference. The sac in my first was small and somewhat irregular. I remember seeing other people's ultrasounds and being worried about how little space it looked like the baby had, but they didn't say anything about it during the scan, so I figured it was okay. I should have trusted my gut, I guess. This time, the sac is nice and round and baby has lots of room to grow. Hoping this is a good sign. Definitely makes me feel more at ease, though. They did spot a small SCH, which could explain my spotting. They didn't seem concerned about that, thankfully. My next appointment is in 2 weeks and it will be my first visit with the doctor.

As far as working out, I haven't been. I've been so scared. Although, I did do a 20 minute prenatal yoga session yesterday though. Didn't think I'd like it, but I'd probably do it again.  For everyone else that CAN workout,, here's my workout of the day:

5 rounds:

15 kb swings (35 lb)
15 butlers
15 butterfly sit ups

Saturday, July 8, 2017


3 more days until my second ultrasound! Already nervous! The good news is, my symptoms definitely ramped up this week. I've been incredibly tired lately. Like, don't want to do anything but lay in bed, can't muster up the energy to clean my house, just leave me here to sleep tired. Also, WAY more nauseous since I hit week 7. Only threw up once, though. But no food sounds good and I constantly feel bleh. But, if this means a healthy pregnancy, I'll take all the symptoms!

Trying to get myself together enough to go for a walk today. Trying is the key word there, haha!

If you're up for a workout, here's my idea for today:

10 rounds

5 push up
10 box jumps or alternating step ups
15 butterfly sit ups
20 air squats

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Oh, hey

Obviously, I've been a little MIA.  I haven't been doing any workouts.  My spotting has been pretty consistent over the past few days, except for today.  Just as before, it only happens when I go to the bathroom and it is very light pink/brownish.  This is, according to Dr. Google, considered somewhat "normal," but it's still incredibly scary when you lost your last pregnancy.  I've been walking around my lake in place of any workouts and will probably continue to do so until my appointment next Tuesday, at least.

Obviously, I'm a little upset because I really wanted to be able continue on with what I was doing before, but it's really just not worth the "what-ifs" if something does go wrong.  I know I would beat myself up for doing too much and not listening to my body.  Hopefully, everything is okay and I can start doing more stuff again during the second trimester.

Anyway, here's my workout idea for today:

5 rounds-

5 burpees
10 box jumps or alternating step ups <--- use a coffee table or your couch if you don't have a box to jump on!
15 hand release push ups
20 air squats
25 lunges (per leg)

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Let's Try This Again

I decided to start back up with WODs again today.  Went to bed feeling awful, woke up feeling queasy, but not quite as terrible.  Spotting seems to have let up for now, so what better time to start again, right?!

I wanted to do something that sounded manageable and would get me moving.  Just walking is definitely not enough for my body.  My back was starting to get like stiff and ache from lack of movement.  I felt this this workout hit all the major muscle groups without being too much for my ever-spotting cervix.  Where's the eye roll emoji when you need it??

So, here's what I did:

3 rounds-

10 hand release push ups
20 butterfly sit ups
30 air squats
20 lunges (10 per leg)
80 jumping jacks
60 second wall sit

I finished in 18:45, which is slower than I thought it would take, but.. pregnancy. :P

Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy Friday!

Well, I'm still taking a break from WODs.  My spotting has stopped, but I want to give it one more day just to be sure.  I've been doing walks around my lake to keep somewhat active, but it's definitely not the same.

I'm not gonna lie- I was getting pretty nervous the past two days.  My boobs were still sore, but I felt good otherwise.  Not really as tired and no nausea at all during the day.  Last time that happened, the baby had died and I didn't know it yet.  However, the burning stomach came back today before lunch and hasn't let up yet.  Who knew I'd ever welcome feeling crappy??

Anyway, here's a WOD idea for today, if you're up for it-

21 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

7 burpees
21 air squats
7 butterfly sit ups

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ultrasound Updates!

Our ultrasound went well today. According to the tech, I'm 5 weeks, 5 days. Baby measured 5 weeks, 4 days. We didn't see a heartbeat (we didn't really expect to anyway), but we did see a gestational sac and yolk sac in all the right places. She said she didn't see any blood that would explain my spotting, which is also good news. They scheduled me for a follow up ultrasound in 2 weeks. By then, we should be able to see a baby with a heartbeat!

I had a little more spotting last night and this morning, so I will be taking it easy on the workout front for a little bit again. When we got home from our appointment, we took the dogs for a walk around the lake. That will count as my WOD for today!